Thursday, 26 November 2009

Penguin book cover response


I made a 3D textiles penguin, as a response to a Penguin Book Cover beonging to another student.

Collage/Drawing Day 24/11/09

Personal Response homework.

Using scraps of paper from Tuesday visual studies lesson, I created a series of collaged responses in the syle of 6 artists, including Rodchenko,Rachel Cattle, Craig Atkinson,Ken Kiff,

In the style of Rodchenko

In the style of Rachel Cattle

In the style of Craig Atkinson

Illustration (23/11/09-07/12/09)

WW2 Faces.
Messing around with a pencil,tracing paper,old photographs and a photocopier. Im really happy with the outcome, i've a keen interest in Wartime fashions and lifestyle particularly WW2. I chose the faces of soliders, land girls and housewives, overlaping them. I hope to use this technique in perhaps my textile work, printing this kind of imagery onto fabrics.

For Fork Sake

Other drawing ideas

Quick Designs based on the phrase "What IF?"

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Textiles Workshop (20/10/09-16/11/09)

Screen Printing on Fabric

I got the oppertunity to try out screen printing on fabric. I transferred my stencilling skills from my print making workshop,to create this design. I was really happy with how it turned out on the various materials I chose.

Prints on a plain and polka dot chiffon.

Prints on denim and cotton.

Headdress Challenge

I was set the task to create a Walter Van Beirendonck headdress using completly different media than the original. (The original was made from balsa wood) I used a bamboo frame, colored tissue paper as pompoms and beige fabric. I used interfacing and bondaweb to make the fabric, which would allow it to stand on its own without wilting.

Print Making Workshop (21/10/09-18/11/09)

Loose Lips Series
I was influenced by a WW2 propganda poster. So decided to create my own design.
Screen prints in Blue & Yellow.

Quick Press Print designs

I created a series of quick press print designs,using ink on lino and cutting my own stencils. Using a press print resulted in the following images.

Some were successful.. and others weren't.

3D Design/Sculpture Workshop (30/09/09-14/10/09)

Finishing the Stag

I finally got round to putting the antlers on the stag headdress.

Stag Head (so far)

In sculpture we focused on scale and how we could apply it to creating objects that normally were extremely small or massive in size.

I came up with a number of design ideas,but chose to look at creating a Stag head that I could wear as a headdress.

By using fairly thick wire i bent and contorted it to create a basic animal skull frame.

From this point onwards i was able to add to this frame. By using arch shapes i was able to reinfoce the headdress in order to give it strength.

I am still in the process of finishing this headdress, i need to put on antlers, (which will be made from wire too). I have begun making the antlers by coiling wire around a number of different width wooden poles.

I just need to add the antlers to finish the piece.

Ceramics Workshop (28/09/09-12/10/09)

Tower Building

I was set the task to create a a tower in clay, i opted to make a fairly abstract piece. It looks more like a plant than a tower.

Glass Boat

I made this small glass boat in Ceramics, i cut a sheet of glass into the triangular shape and sandwidged the coloured glass inbetween. I then layed wire inbetween the glass as once the glass was heated the wire would connect all the sections together.

Im really pleased with how this boat turned out, as I have never worked with glass in this was before.

Figure in Ceramics

Here are my two figurative ceramic sculptures, that have a stonewear glaze on them.

I chose to make both figures in the same design,but i felt that they should have their own individual markings. I used the Stonewear glaze in different orders and used random dipping techniques, as i wanted an abstract finish to contradict the simple figures of the sculpture.

Penguin Book Cover Challenge.

Penguin Book Cover challenge.