Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ceramics Workshop (28/09/09-12/10/09)

Tower Building

I was set the task to create a a tower in clay, i opted to make a fairly abstract piece. It looks more like a plant than a tower.

Glass Boat

I made this small glass boat in Ceramics, i cut a sheet of glass into the triangular shape and sandwidged the coloured glass inbetween. I then layed wire inbetween the glass as once the glass was heated the wire would connect all the sections together.

Im really pleased with how this boat turned out, as I have never worked with glass in this was before.

Figure in Ceramics

Here are my two figurative ceramic sculptures, that have a stonewear glaze on them.

I chose to make both figures in the same design,but i felt that they should have their own individual markings. I used the Stonewear glaze in different orders and used random dipping techniques, as i wanted an abstract finish to contradict the simple figures of the sculpture.

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