Tuesday, 3 November 2009

3D Design/Sculpture Workshop (30/09/09-14/10/09)

Finishing the Stag

I finally got round to putting the antlers on the stag headdress.

Stag Head (so far)

In sculpture we focused on scale and how we could apply it to creating objects that normally were extremely small or massive in size.

I came up with a number of design ideas,but chose to look at creating a Stag head that I could wear as a headdress.

By using fairly thick wire i bent and contorted it to create a basic animal skull frame.

From this point onwards i was able to add to this frame. By using arch shapes i was able to reinfoce the headdress in order to give it strength.

I am still in the process of finishing this headdress, i need to put on antlers, (which will be made from wire too). I have begun making the antlers by coiling wire around a number of different width wooden poles.

I just need to add the antlers to finish the piece.

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